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"First in Math® has really improved my math skills and has changed my opinion about math. It really makes math seem a lot easier and more fun. Now, my favorite subject in school is math! Thanks, Mr. Sun, for inventing this awesome game!”- Elizabeth Fulton

This is an amazing game. Even though I haven’t played in a competition I very much enjoy playing (and winning) the 24 game. -Kellsie

"I think this is the best math game ever. I love it because now I am a lot smarter in this subject.” - Nathan Seki

"The 24® game is one of the best math games that you can play on the computer.”

“First in Math® inspires me and I hope it will inspire you. It helps me refresh my mind about math skills I need to know. When I learn something new in class, I can practice and get better at it on the FIM website. FIM is fun, and I hope what I've said will motivate kids around the country to go on the website.” - Kelly Morgan

"I now know I don’t need a calculator for every math problem I solve.”

"The 24® game is almost addictive, it’s quite frustrating at times, but when you finally figure out the answer, you feel like you’re on top of the world.”

“I showed my parents the game—they could not believe how much it helped me in math.”

“FIM has motivated me to be a better math student. Before FIM, I didn't understand fractions and now I have mastered them. FIM lets me accomplish things I didn't think I could do. Last year it helped me so much that I went to the County 24 Challenge® Championships as a fourth grader.”

"When I heard about Math 24, I will admit that I was a little turned off. 'Great, another way for adults to sucker us into doing math,' is what I thought. But I soon learned I was wrong. It was fun! And soon our whole seventh grade was under its spell.”

“It is fun and educational, two things not easily combined.”

“I am really inspired by First in Math®. It has helped me learn a lot of important math skills that I wouldn't learn about if I hadn't gone on FIM. My favorite thing is Show What You Know. It helped me get through a math competition for our school district.” - Daniel Roberts

“FIM is a brain builder. I feel more confident in all subjects now, especially in math. Never have I excelled in school as far as I have now. Thank you, Mr. Sun, for helping me "touch the sky". You can do almost anything if you set your mind to it. The sky's the limit, I say.” - Katy Carter

“I’ve learned a lot of new mathematical terms (in English) while playing FIM. Also, after working through the timed activities in FIM, our in-class written tests seem easier.” - Radu Haideti

“It is a game that I would actually want to play at home, so that says a lot.”

“Through this contest we practice both math and English. I really enjoy playing on the FIM site, as it’s up to us how much time to spend on it and we can choose what types of activities to engage in each day, so it’s very flexible.” - Daniela Mitulescu