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Do not be fooled by imitators—this is the official, ORIGINAL 24® Game app from Suntex International Inc., makers of the popular 24® Game!

Redesigned and optimized for phone and tablet use, Version 2.0 now includes a multi-player format that allows you to challenge friends and opponents around the world and compete in real-time matches! Solve the card fastest to earn points.  Win more cards, win the challenge! Climb the leaderboard, view global rankings & stats. Current time and Best time are displayed.

Goal: Make the number 24 using all four numbers on the card!

Solving: To solve cards simply tap on a number OR slide between two numbers and select the desired operation (+ – x ÷). You can add, subtract, multiply or divide. Each number can only be used once and yes, there is at least one solution to each card! Most cards have multiple solutions.

Difficulties: There are three difficulty levels shown by dots in the corners of each card — 1 Dot cards are easy, 2 Dot cards are medium and 3 Dot cards are tough!

Strategies: Choose one number on the card and turn the other three into the numbers you need. For example: If you have a 4, try and make a 6, 20, 28 or 96. Common Patterns that make 24: 6x4, 8x3, 12x2, 24x1. Don’t just look at the numbers independently, but as two pairs. For example: On the card 8, 7, 5, 4. Add 7 + 5 to make 12 and 8 divided by 4 is 2, so 12 x 2 = 24.


Multiplayer: Compete against your Facebook friends or opponents around the world in head to head challenges! Solve the card faster to win that card and earn points. Whoever wins more points, wins that challenge!

Points: 1 dot cards are worth 1 point, 2 dot cards are 2 points, and 3 dots are 3 points.

Rewards: Climb the leaderboard, viewing your global rankings and how you match up with your friends! Earn new achievements and view your stats.

Single Player: Hone your skills by practicing each difficulty level for as long as you want. Try to beat your best time and see your average response time.

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Engineer and inventor Robert Sun created the 24® game in 1988. The original Single Digits card game eventually inspired nine other editions, as well as the 24 Challenge® Math Program and the First In Math® Online Program.

In 2012, the 24® Game celebrated its 24th anniversary, continuing to help children sharpen basic math skills such as computation, problem solving, number sense, critical thinking, and pattern sensing. Used in classrooms throughout the United States and abroad, the 24® Game continues to help students become critical thinkers and problem solvers.