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24 Game® app

Download a Single-Digits version of the popular 24® Game
for your phone or tablet today!

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Do not be fooled by imitators—this is the official, ORIGINAL 24® Game app from Suntex International Inc., makers of the popular 24® Game!

Redesigned and optimized for phone and tablet use, Version 2.0 now includes a multi-player format that allows you to challenge friends and opponents around the world and compete in real-time matches! Solve the card fastest to earn points.  Win more cards, win the challenge! Climb the leaderboard, view global rankings & stats. Current time and Best time are displayed.


Multiplayer: Compete against your Facebook friends or opponents around the world in head to head challenges! Solve the card faster to win that card and earn points. Whoever wins more points, wins that challenge!

Single Player: Hone your skills by practicing each difficulty level for as long as you want. Try to beat your best time and see your average response time.

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