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24 Game Anniversary Edition

The year 2018 marked the 30th Anniversary of the 24 Game. To commemorate the occasion, we created a special 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION!

Robert Sun created the first edition of the game, Single Digits, in 1988. "When I created the 24 Game, my goal was to make math appealing and accessible to all children. The game format allows young people the freedom to make mistakes without being judged,” says Sun. He believes that the more children play, the more they engage in Deep Practice, which leads to fluency in, and permanent retention of, basic math skills.

In 1988, Sun's hope was that the 24 game would serve as a tool to help create a new generation of thinkers. In 2002, with the rise of a generation of web learners, Sun created the web-based First In Math® Online Program, which has its foundation in the 24 Game’s principles and adds to the "24" legacy. "As they have done in the past, future generations of children will find the freedom to explore math challenges with the 24 Game," says Sun.