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For Parents

Math without fear
Without fear, children naturally explore, think, learn, grow, and build a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. Confident that teaching children math basics without fear was a game-changer, engineer ROBERT SUN unveiled the original Single Digits edition of the 24 GAME in 1988. Beyond strengthening procedural fluency, 24 Game expands strategic thinking and adaptive reasoning abilities, laying the groundwork for higher-order math skills. Becoming fluent with basic math facts gives students confidence in their problem solving abilities, creating successful, life-long learners.

An ‘online + offline’ approach is very effective
Combine FIRST IN MATH with the 24 Game! More than just a “fun” activity, First In Math offers substantive content that includes 24 online-only editions of the 24 game! You also get access to more than 200 other games that offer a full range of challenge and follow National and State standards. In this environment, your child will get the important math practice they need to succeed.

• Kids can play educational math games online 24/7
• Math games to challenge any kid, from struggling to gifted
• Get ready for ALGEBRA - beginning at the K, 1 and 2 levels
• See significant results in just minutes a day
• Games range from simple shape matching to complex thinking

Nine reasons why Parents love First In Math!