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24® Game DOUBLE DIGITS editions back in stock!!!

Catalog Highlights

24® Game 96 Card Decks
offer a range of challenges. Nine Classroom Editions contain 4'' x 4'' double-sided game cards. Add/Subtract Primer, Multiply/Divide Primer, Factors/Multiples, Single Digits (Best Seller), Double Digits, Variables, Fractions/Decimals, Integers, and Algebra/Exponents.

24® Game 48 Card Decks are great for travel! Cards are 4'' x 4'' and double-sided, with a range of easy, medium and tough cards. Four editions: Add/Subtract Primer, Multiply/Divide Primer, Single Digits and Double Digits.

First In Math Classroom Incentives. Boost student participation with these incentives for use with the First In Math® program. Single Digits Mini Card Packs, pencils, Player of the Day Badges, trophies, medals, T-shirts and more!

24 Challenge Materials. Is your school ready to hold it's own 24 Challenge® tournament? Here are all the things you need to get started.

First In Math® Online Program. Innovative math practice that supports any curriculum and excites students like no workbook ever could! Easy to use in the classroom AND AT HOME. First In Math features hundreds of engaging games designed to strengthen fact fluency, automaticity, computational thinking and other critical math skills.

  • Includes fact-practice and test-prep modules
  • Features 24 exclusive editions of the 24® Game
  • A FamilyLink® component involves parents
  • Built-in GOALS encourage achievement and keep students energized
  • Easy monitoring of practice, activity and proficiency in vital areas