Why aren’t your students practicing mathematics?

Imagine the basketball coach asks a player to practice foul shots. He stands at the foul line but has a blindfold on and cannot see where the ball goes. He may practice out of compliance, but will not take ownership of the task because if you cannot see the result of your efforts, you cannot learn.

When you are learning math, a mental skill, there is no built-in feedback. How do students know if they make a mistake in math? The traditional way relies on a “live body” to provide that feedback.

The FIRST IN MATH® ONLINE PROGRAM is a cost-effective way to provide your students with instant feedback—and remove their blindfolds!

Watch students become motivated to practice, gain solid math and thinking skills and take ownership of the learning process.

  • Comprehensive program covers grades 1 to 8, from one-step addition to multi-step algebra.
    Includes: basic fact numeracy, test prep with word problems and higher-order thinking skills.
  • No load on teachers. Easy five-minute implementation.
  • Web-based—47% of activity occurs outside of school hours.
  • Highly engaging content. Site averages 20 millions hits per day.

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