24 Challenge® Tournament Organization Overview:
10 Easy Steps to holding your own tournament

Step 1 Determine the number of participants at each grade, then you will know the number of 24® games needed for students to learn to play and practice the game. (Typically, several classes can share one deck).

Step 2 Purchase appropriate games, or a TOURNAMENT KIT, through this website (www.24game.com), your local educational products store or educational products catalog. (Note: many educational catalogs offer competitive pricing.) Click here for a list of catalog 800 numbers. 24 Challenge tournament materials, such as score cards and T-shirts, can only be purchased online at www.24game.com, or by calling 800-242-4542.

Step 3 Appoint a Tournament Coordinator, who will be available to answer questions and organize program activities. Coordinators also solicit teachers, parents or other adults to volunteer to serve as “Proctors” at the Finals event.

Step 4 24 games are distributed to classrooms. Students usually are allowed to play the game for a specified time in math class for up to a month, and are encouraged to practice on their own.

Step 5 Classroom Playoffs. Divide a deck into equal stacks of 12 cards. Since the cards have different difficulty levels, be certain to evenly distribute the 1, 2, and 3 point cards in each stack. Split your class into groups of 4 or 5. Place a stack of 12 cards, all red sides up, in center of table. Students play for the cards as described in game rules. The student with the most points after all cards are claimed wins that round. Identify the four students who won the most points. These 4 semi-finalists will now play a round of 12 cards to determine the Class Winner. (In case of a tie, more than four students can participate in the final round.)

Step 6 School Playoffs. If there are only a few grade levels participating in the tournament, you may want to have a School Winner from each grade. If multiple grades are participating, we recommend you combine the grades to produce grade section winners. Example: Grades 4, 5 - Section 1 Grades 6 - Section 2 Grades 7, 8 - Section 3 Class winners in each Section play in groups of 4 or 5 students to produce ”semi-finalists,” and ultimately the Grade Section Winners of the School.

Step 7 School’s winners’ names must be given to the Tournament Coordinator by a pre-determined date, usually about two weeks before the Championship Finals. (If the Coordinator determines that there are too many participants, further playoffs may be necessary.)

Step 8 When the final number of participants is known, seating assignments can be organized.

Step 9  Have participants arrive approximately one hour before tournament play is scheduled to begin, and “sign in” or register with the Coordinator and /or volunteers. Give each child their “score card” which shows their name, grade and seating assignments for round one and two.

Step 10  Conduct your tournament according to the official 24 Challege rules (see “Official Rules”), and watch as the children amaze you with their skill. Presenting awards to the Finals Champions--whether it be Certificates of Achievement, medals or trophies--is the culmination of weeks of fun and learning for students and educators alike.

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It is permitted to print these instructions for your school’s use.