The 24 Challenge® Math Program

More than five million pupils participated in the 24 Challenge® Math Program over a period of more than15 years. In the past, generous corporate funding supported those regional, Suntex-sanctioned events and provided participating schools with mathematics materials. Typically, the culmination of the program was a "24 Challenge®" event—a tournament-style competition based on the 24® Game.

Today, many schools continue this tradition and conduct their own 24 Challenge® events! Over a period of months preceding the event, teachers use the 24® Game in their classrooms to help students hone their mathematics skills. Schools or districts that hold regional or district-wide events schedule playoffs to determine which students will advance to their Championship Event!

If you are new to the 24 Challenge®, check out our 24® Game Signature Edition TOURNAMENT KIT, which contains enough materials to hold a 48-student event at your school. Purchase additional 24® GAMES or 24 CHALLENGE® MATERIALS here.

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24 Challenge Tournamants